Meet the Team

Chelsea Comeau -


Floral Designer/Coordinator

In December of 2017, Chelsea arranged her own wedding florals and knew instantly she wanted to make the hobby a business. She had played around in a friend’s flower shop in her Oklahoma hometown and absolutely fell in love with florals! After moving to NC in January 2018, Ever Be was created. The business started slow as she was just getting her feet wet in this new industry but it quickly grew into a full wedding planning gig! Fast forward to June 2020, business had hit the ceiling for any one person to do and Shannon joined forces. Ever Be opened its very first store front in December 2020!

Personal notes: I love Survivor so much to a point I started from Season 1 & making my way through the entire franchise. I love coffee, November beach trips, thrifting, and more coffee.

Shannon Vandall -


Floral Designer/Coordinator

Rachel Darst -

Floral Designer

Shannon graduated from UNCG in 2011 with a degree in Special Event Management and in 2013, she planned her own wedding top to bottom. This was mostly due to budget, but she knew from the skills she had obtained from the program that she could do it. Their son was born in 2016 and she immediately dropped her career in insurance to became a stay-at-home mom. Fast forward to a 2020 style Zoom call with her husband and the Comeaus - While Ever Be was growing and needed help, Shannon was beginning to look for a flexible career choice. Like anything the Vandeaus do (get it? Vandall + Comeau), Ever Be grew from 1 owner to 2 over that one Zoom call. Chelsea quickly welcomed Shannon into the dream and now we are both embarking on this adventure together.

Personal notes: I love Survivor also, but not enough to watch super old seasons. Latte’s are life. And my kindle paperwhite is my favorite piece of technology.

Rachel has a long career in ministry and motherhood. A lover of all things natural, her experience with flowers began with growing dahlias and peonies to enjoy with her kids and to share with family and friends. Arranging has been a natural extension of her love for flowers and her desire to make her surroundings more beautiful. In addition to arranging for Ever Be, she hopes to provide flowers from her own garden for events in the coming seasons.

Personal notes: I've never seen a season of Survivor, Blacklist is a little more my speed. I love expert black coffee, baking sugary treats, and wearing hoodies!